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All About 'Ready to Ship' Trays
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All About 'Ready to Ship' Trays

Did life and farming get in the way of pre-ordering some of the plugs you wanted for spring planting? Don't fret if you missed the window to pre-order; Ready to Ship trays will be available on most Fridays.

The orders you place for Farmer Bailey plugs are custom and grown to order, just for you. This means orders are ideally placed far in advance, since crops have lead times of anywhere from six to 13 weeks, or months for large vernalized perennials. 

In addition to your custom orders, Gro 'n Sell also grows extra trays of each crop, as insurance. After all custom orders have shipped for the week, Gro 'n Sell lets us know if any extra trays are on hand. We list these extra trays as Ready to Ship on Fridays. Since we receive the list of extra trays at different times from Gro 'n Sell for listing on the site, there is no set time when Available Now goes live. Ready to Ship are typically listed around midday on Friday (not before Noon ET/ 9am PT). 

We don't know which crops will be listed as Ready to Ship ahead of time, or if a certain week will have any extra trays at all. 

Click Here for Ready to Ship Trays
    • Ready to Ship trays (if any) are listed around midday (not before Noon ET/ 9am PT) on Fridays
    • Since we receive the list of extra trays at different times from Gro 'n Sell for listing on the site, there is no set time when Ready to Ship goes live
    • Ready to Ship trays are listed on Friday and usually ship the following Monday
    • Ready to Ship trays are ready to ship and cannot be held 
    • Ready to Ship plugs are ready to transplant (or bump up) upon arrival to you
    • The greatest number of Ready to Ship trays will be listed Week 8 to Week 15
    • Log into the site ahead of time and make sure your shipping and billing addresses are correct 
    • Pro Tip: Get your most-wanted tray in your Cart and check out immediately. Shopify does not offer any way to Hold a Product in Cart and trays will vanish.  Once your most-needed tray is secured, go back to add your second and third, and email us immediately at at with your order number and name to combine/refund shipping 
    • Good Luck! 

Have any questions about Available Now trays? Email for prompt reply. 

2 comments on All About 'Ready to Ship' Trays

  • Molly
    MollyMarch 10, 2023

    Hello! I’m new to your site. Were there any “Available Now” stock items today? Or do they just go that fast? I checked right at noon ET and continually after and didn’t see anything.

    Thank you!!

  • Felicia D'Ambrosio, Director of Customer Experience
    Felicia D'Ambrosio, Director of Customer ExperienceMarch 01, 2023

    Pro tip for Available Now success: Since Shopify does not offer a “Hold in Cart” feature, choose your most-wanted tray, get it in your cart and check out. After checking out, go back and get your next tray and check out. Email us at with a note to combine shipping.

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