The orders you place for Farmer Bailey plugs are custom and grown to order, just for you. This means orders are ideally placed far in advance, since crops have lead times of anywhere from six to 13 weeks, or months for large vernalized perennials. 

In addition to your custom orders, Gro 'n Sell also grows extra trays of each crop, as insurance. After all custom orders have shipped for the week, Gro 'n Sell lets us know if any extra trays are on hand. We list these extra trays as Available Now, usually around Noon ET/ 9am PT on Fridays. 

We don't know which crops will be listed on Available Now ahead of time, or if a certain week will have any extra trays at all. Available Now trays can be helpful if you missed the ordering window for a certain crop, or are looking to fill out your field with plants ready to go into the ground right away. 

Click HERE for Available Now

*if no trays are currently Available Now, this link will return an error*

  • Available Now trays (if any) are listed on Fridays around Noon ET
  • Available Now trays are listed on Friday and usually ship the following Monday
  • Available Now trays are ready to ship and cannot be held 
  • Available Now plugs are ready to transplant (or bump up) upon arrival to you
  • The greatest number of Available Now trays will be listed Weeks 8-15

Have any questions about Available Now trays? Email for prompt reply.