Fall ship dates have been updated. Inventory will be updated continually as our seed supply allows. Ordering for 2023 will open on Oct 1.

Read This First

Hello, and Welcome to Farmer Bailey!

  • Farmer Bailey is a wholesale firm brokering the sale of plugs to professional cut flower growers. All plugs are produced and shipped by Gro 'n Sell in Chalfont, Pennsylvania USA. By creating an account and making a purchase, it is understood that you are a commercial cut flower farmer with a business tax ID number, in compliance with your state's sales tax requirements. 
  • We do not offer retail sales to hobbyists, gardeners, or non-commercial growers of any kind. 
  • There is a 3 tray minimum order, as 3 full trays (anything sold in a 125 or 210 tray) fit in one shipping box. Please ensure to order in multiples of 3 as this is the most cost effective for you. There are a few items, (Scoop Scabiosa, Chocolate Cosmos, Geum, Veronica, etc.) available in half tray sizes (anything sold in a 51-cell tray). These are very literally half a tray. So do your math, and make sure you have 3 trays, which can be any combination of half and whole trays. These 3 trays do not have to be the same variety but they do need to be for the same ship date. Here's what happens if you don't play by this rule: If you order 4 trays, you will have 1 full box, plus a 2nd box with only one tray in it. It will cost the same to ship the 4 trays as it costs to ship 6, and the one tray will probably get knocked around because FedEx doesn't care about your plugs the way you and I do. The shipping boxes are designed to hold 3 full trays securely.
  • The exception to the multiples of 3 rule would be if you are local to Gro 'n Sell and plan to pick up in person. These trays will not be boxed, thus you can order in any quantity. PA and NJ residents may select this option at check out. If you live in a state other than PA or NJ and you wish to order for pickup, send us an email at info@farmerbailey.com and we'll get that taken care of. Gro 'n Sell will give you a call to schedule you pickup. Do note that Gro 'n Sell is usually only available for pick up Thursday through Friday.
  • If you are ordering more than 33 trays for shipping on a given ship date, a custom freight quote will be generated, and you will be invoiced at the time of shipping. This tends to be more cost effective than boxing and shipping via FedEx or UPS. If you are close to another grower that is also ordering, consider consolidating your orders to take advantage of these better shipping rates.
    • Orders for multiple ship dates must be placed separately.
    • All shipping rates are approximate and are subject to change. We will never bill your card without permission (in fact we can't and don't have access to it), but you may be invoiced if shipping rates change.
    • All orders are subject to seed availability. Sometimes seed goes out of stock, or germination rates are less that perfect. You will be offered a substitution or a refund. We will monitor your orders at Gro 'n Sell, and notify you as soon as we have any hint that an item may not be available.
    • Gro 'n Sell is a large facility, but they do fill up in the height of the growing season, and some items may go out of stock without notice.
    • Based on lead time, ship dates for a particular variety will be removed from the store once it reaches its sow date. This is to allow the necessary time for Gro 'n Sell to produce your plugs.
    • Shipping charges include an $9 fee for the custom insulated box used by Gro 'n Sell.
    • Your credit card will charged at the time of checkout. If an item goes out of stock, or there is a shipping charge discrepancy, you will be notified and refunded promptly.