What's New?

The first year of Farmer Bailey Plugs was far more successful than any of could have anticipated! Thank you so much for helping get this new venture off the ground! I have learned an incredible amount about being a broker, and Gro n Sell has learned more than they ever wanted to know about what we want and need to grow our cut flower businesses. We are all fortunate to have such an ally working with us to obtain new and hard to find items.

We have some new systems in place for 2018 to help keep you updated with all information that pertains to your order in real time.

In addition to hearing from me, you will also receive emails directly from Gro 'n Sell when your order is entered into their system. In the unlikely event that an item goes out of stock or is backordered you will receive a notification from Gro 'n Sell as well. Your shipping notifications will also now be sent automatically to you, so you can keep an eye on the progress of your delivery. Always check these emails to make sure everything looks as it should. While we have a slick electronic interface for the ease of ordering, it is very much a human process from the time you place your order until your order arrives at your door. In addition to me, more than 20 other folks at Gro 'n Sell may touch your order at one time or another before it is carefully packed and sent on its way.