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Amazing Grey Poppy
Amazing Grey Poppy

Farmer Bailey

Amazing Grey Poppy

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Let's be honest... these are horrible cut flowers. But I know that won't stop many of us from growing them! The color alone is reason enough to give them a try. 

In my experience they will last 2-3 days when happy, making them good for event work only. Don't try to sell them to your CSA members or put them in a market bouquet. They just won't hold up. You will need to educate your event florists about them, as they may need to be inserted into arrangements on site, and even then, some will shatter and scatter their silky grey petals all over the table. I love them. They're worth the fuss. Just don't pretend they're a model cut flower!

Grown in a 128 cell tray, billed as 125

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