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From time to time we have inventory ready to ship immediately. Generally we post about this on Friday for shipping the following Monday or Tuesday. This is announced in the Farmer Bailey Facebook group once trays are posted. 

We will be posting on the Friday before weeks 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 for certain, but occasionally we post at other times if inventory becomes available.  As always advance ordering will give you the best selection of varieties and ship dates. 

As always, order in multiples of 3 trays for most cost effective shipping. Only these items are available for week 51 shipping. You can mix and match colors.

For week 51 shipping we have lots of poppies! After some crop failure issues Gro n Sell re-sowed extra trays to make sure they could fill orders, (even if they shipped late.) If you have ordered and your poppies and they were backordered they will also ship in week 51. Pre-orders for spring shipping will ship as usual, on the date you selected. If your ground is still workable you can still plant poppies. They are all grown in a 128 cell tray.