Campanula Champion Pro

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Campanula Champion Pro

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This Campanula medium behaves as an annual (although the rest of its species are biennial). People have trouble with this crop because it has a strong day length response. Below 12 hours of daylight, it remains vegetative, and above 12 hours, it initiates bud, regardless of how established it is. (Thus the talk of it flowering in the plug tray, or on 2" stems when planted late in the season) Early planting is recommended to let it establish before natural day length triggers flowering. It would be worth experimenting with blackout fabric to provide long nights (thus short days) until the plant has bulked up enough to support long stem growth. This crop would be best grow in the tunnel for northern growers, as your ground may otherwise be frozen at the ideal planting time. 

Fall planting is recommended for mild winter growers. 

Champion Pro blue seems more prone to bolting than the rest of the series or the Champion series. Any amount of stress or warm winter weather may trigger flowering.

Best results will occur when planted before March 20 (week 12)

Champion Pro has smaller flower in a greater abundance as compared to Champion. Both are desirable and very long lasting. Cut just before buds open. Bred by Sakata.

Order 7 or more weeks in advance of desired ship date.