Tray Size: 125
Variety: Cheyenne Spirit

Echinacea just keep getting fancier! In recent years we have seen an explosion in the colors and forms of echinacea on the market. The problem is that many of the more extreme types are only available through tissue culture, making them quite expensive, and for some reason they seem to be fairly short lived. Thankfully the breeders are coming out with better and better seed grown types which tend to grow quickly and establish into big clumps that you can start cutting on their first summer. They get better each year! I have many of these in our field and they just keep coming back stronger each season.

Hardy zones 3-8.

Prices vary by variety. 

Grown in a 128 cell tray, sold as 125. Available for summer/fall shipping only.

Order ten or more weeks before your desired ship date.

About Tray Sizes

210 and 125 cell trays are full-sized trays, and three of these will fit in a shipping box.

50 cell trays are half-sized trays (unless otherwise noted) and two of these are the equivelent of one full sized tray. Six of these will fit in a shipping box.

18 and 32 cell trays are full sized trays specifically for our vernalized perennials. These have their own set of shipping rules (find details HERE) and cannot be combined with items grown in 210, 125, or 50 cell trays.