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At your request, we are offering 6 eucalyptus varieties for 2018! Be sure to report back which you love the most.

Silverdrop is the favorite among farmer florists. Elegant branches of smaller leaves. Fragrant but not overly pungent, and not terribly sticky. Can be very profitable if grown well.

Eucalyptus are slow to establish, but can grow huge, especially in their second year if you have a frost free tunnel for them. The new growth can be hard to hydrate, but more mature stems are quite rugged and long lasting. They dry well. 

If you have photos of any of the varieties listed, feel free to share them with me for use on the website. If I don't have a photo I generally use photos from the breeders website, but it is unclear the source of some of these varieties/species. You have google. 

$0.40-60 per plug depending on variety. Grown in a 128 cell tray, billed as 125

10 week lead time

Silverdrop photo courtesy of Caleb Whitfield, Firstfruit Gardens. Photo by Ali Weber Photography