Italian Violas (Pansies)
Italian Violas (Pansies)
Italian Violas (Pansies)

Farmer Bailey

Italian Violas (Pansies)

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These new cutting pansies are getting rave reviews! I am hearing that best results come when you plant them close together and offer a bit of shade. Removing flowers when young will encourage the plant to keep growing upwards, increasing stem length. Pansies genetically can't get super tall, but these can grow to a respectable height, tall enough for use in low design work. Feel free to let me know what is working for you as you get to know this new crop. Pansies last very well when cut, it is simply the height that may take some skill to achieve. 

Each offering contains a range of colors, and we will attempt to update each with photos as we get a better sense of each series. We make no guarantees about the colors that will actually be received. Pansies are very cold hardy, and will bloom all winter in much of the US.

In general you can expect the following features.

Apassionato- Assorted Doubles and Semi-Doubles Pinks, Pavenders, blues, Yellows, Reds and more

Bellezza- Heavily Ruffled rich colors. Blues, Purples, Yellows and more

Italiana- Semi-Doubles, warm shades including terra-cotta and salmon

Grown in a 128 cell tray, billed as 125.

Order 7 or more weeks before desired ship date.