Lisianthus Wondrous
Lisianthus Wondrous
Lisianthus Wondrous

Farmer Bailey

Lisianthus Wondrous

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Wondrous came out a few years back along with Roseanne. There was much confusion about which was which and what light brown vs. brown looked like.

In my experience, they are pretty much the single flowered version of Roseanne. Wondrous Light Brown is the same color as Roseanne Brown. Wondrous Purple is the same color as Roseanne Black Pearl. They are single petalled despite what you may read in some seed catalogs. Even Sakata has an incorrect photo on their website. I've grown the both side by side.

The centers of Wondrous Light Brown make for a look unlike other Lisianthus giving it a bit of poppy flair.

If you're into weird single Lisanthus, we have you covered!


Grown in 128 tray, billed as 125

OR Grown in a 216 tray, billed as 210

 Purple - n/a

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