Poppy Champagne Bubbles
Poppy Champagne Bubbles

Farmer Bailey

Poppy Champagne Bubbles

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Just a bit shorter and a little smaller than the big Italian Hummingbirds, but oh so productive! These are also now available in straight colors for ease of harvest. Pick when the bud is just cracking and showing color. Sear the cut ends for immediate use, or just store dry in a box in the cooler. Simply place in water (don't recut) when ready to use.

Have been know to overwinter in unheated tunnels as cold as zone 3, and in the field in most growing zones, provided soils do not remain wet.

$0.37 per plug grown in a 128 cell tray, billed as 125

Order 9 or more weeks in advance of desired ship date.

Photo 1 courtesy of Melissa Sheehan, Fast Pony Flowers

Photo 2 courtesy of Liz Krieg, Maple Flower Farm