Salvia leucantha 'Santa Barbara'

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Salvia leucantha 'Santa Barbara'

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This Mexican bush sage is a little smaller than the species, but still hits 24-30" and is suitable for cutting. 

They bloom in autumn when the days have shortened. They are a perfect accompaniment to mums, late dahlias, and kale. They are not frost hardy, so northern growers will need to cover, as they may otherwise get frosted before they flower.

It is vegetatively propagated, and patented, so propagation is prohibited.

Grown in a 51 cell tray, billed as 50.

Available weeks 4-20

These are grown in a 51 cell "strip tray" which is effectively half of a standard tray. 2 half trays take up the space of 1 full tray in your shipping box, so order accordingly. Remember to order in multiples of 3 trays per ship date. This can be a combination of full or half trays.