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Scabiosa BON BON SCOOP ™ French Vanilla
Scabiosa BON BON SCOOP ™ French Vanilla

Farmer Bailey

Scabiosa BON BON SCOOP ™ French Vanilla

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French Vanilla is a lovely pale pink and was a hit of our 2022 season. It is limited and only available weeks 41-44.

They have more of a ball shape than the rest of the Scoop series, and supposedly last 3-4 days longer. They do not produce or shed pollen as seen in the other varieties. 

They are patent protected and propagation is strictly prohibited. Got it? We only get amazing new varieties like these if we play by the rules and give the breeders their share (which they clearly deserve).

Order or more weeks in advance of desired ship date. Available weeks 38-44, 2022. They will be offered for spring shipping as well. Check back in October to order for spring.

These are half trays of 50 cells. Two half trays = one full size (125 or 210) tray. 3 full trays fill a shipping box per ship date.