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We all know our native goldenrod, and may even forage for it from time to time. Heavy breeding has been going on for decades to refine the wild forms in to a productive and uniform cut crop. It is now one of the leading filler flowers in the industry. 

While there are a few cultivated forms available in the US, most are useless dwarf garden types. I am excited to offer 2 of the best from Danziger's breeding program. One traditional gold and one cream.

Golden Glory™ is one of the leading varieties available today. It produces wide conical shape inflorescences in abundance.

Romantic Glory™ is a cream colored cultivar with a more conical shape but also highly productive. 

 These were bred for production in frost-free equatorial climates, but it should be expected that they will be hardy in most of the zone 3-8 range of their wild counterparts.  

These are available for shipping during weeks 38, 40, and 42 only. 

Order 9 or more weeks in advance of your desired ship date.

Photos courtesy of Danziger