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Heirloom Chrysanthemum Restock
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Heirloom Chrysanthemum Restock


Heirloom Chrysanthemum rooted cuttings from 3 Porch Farm are freshly restocked at Don’t miss your chance to extend your season and add quintessential autumn beauty to your bouquets. Sixteen varieties selected for vigor and height are now available for Week 18 (April 29) shipping only. 

Mandy and Steve O'Shea and the crew at 3 Porch Farm produce heirloom Chrysanthemums on their farm in North Georgia and sustainably ship rooted cuttings nationwide (excluding Ak, Ca, Hi). These hearty plugs grow into long-stemmed, long-lasting plants ideal for cut flowers. When well grown, you can expect 2.5-5" stems and at least 2 weeks' vase life in clean water.

Each plug is approximately 3-4 inches tall from the bottom of the roots to the tip of the leaves. Mums are easily propagated from cuttings and you will get a lot more plants from these cuttings if you pot them up and allow them to grow out a little more. Each order will include a care card and a link to 3 Porch's 'How To Take Mum Cuttings' video.

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Click here for the 3 Porch Mum Care & Planting Guide

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