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How to File A Claim

How to File A Claim

Even though there is snow on the ground across much of the U.S., spring is only a few months away. And with spring comes the busy season for plug shipping! At Farmer Bailey, it is always our goal for your plugs to arrive on time and in pristine condition. Thanks to careful boxing and packing by our friends at Gro 'n Sell, this is usually the case. However, shipping fragile baby plants is a tricky business, and every once in a while accidents happen. If you receive a tray that you believe is incorrectly labeled, diseased, or has been damaged in transit, don't panic! We are here to help. We'll work with you to make things right in a timely and stress-free manner. Below is a comprehensive guide to filing a claim.

Triage. Your box has arrived in less-than-perfect condition. Some plants have been jostled and fallen out of their cells. A few have been snapped or squished. Please accept our sincere apologies! We know how frustrating this can be. The good news is that most intact plugs are likely salvageable. As long as the plant is in good condition and roots are in one piece, simply pop the plugs back into their cells and give them a drink. And if the growing media has shaken off of the roots, the plug can be bumped up into a larger tray. See our Guide to Caring for Plugs here. Now turn your attention to any unusable plugs.

Document. Plugs with broken stems are unlikely to recover. Count (to best of your ability) the number of plugs that are not salvageable from each affected tray. Please take photos of the damaged trays. 

Notify. Email with your 5 digit order number, photos, and estimated numbers of unusable plugs. Please specify varieties. The folks at Gro 'n Sell may ask for certain labeling information on the damaged trays. Do note: claims must be filed within 24 hours of receiving your order.

We'll Make it Right. Gro 'n Sell will likely offer you a replacement or substitute (if available) shipped free of charge, or a full or partial refund on the damaged tray. Once a course of action is determined, Gro 'n Sell will contact Farmer Bailey with the agreed-upon solution. If a refund is necessary, Farmer Bailey will process it promptly and you should receive it within 5 to 7 business days. 

It is our hope that most of our customers will never need to file a claim. But on the off chance that you do, know that we are here to support you during the process. We know it's no fun to open a box of plugs you were relying on only to find that some have been disturbed. Farmer Bailey and Gro 'n Sell understand the importance of solving any issues swiftly and to your satisfaction. And, as always, if you have any questions, please email

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