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Introducing Pansy Flamenco
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Introducing Pansy Flamenco


Introducing Flamenco: a sassy new line of double and semi-double large-flowered pansies, ready to strut its stuff in your spring bouquets. Much like a dancer, Flamenco looks delicate but is very strong, with an an upright, well-branched growth habit and surprising resilience against adverse weather.

Sourced from the same maestro breeder as our Italian Cutting Pansies and Violas, Flamenco had us demanding an encore! Now, eight stunning colorways are ready to tango your way at


Pansies and violas are as tough as they are beautiful, waltzing through cold weather with ease. Plant them in the fall in a tunnel in many zones, and these hardy dancers will be larger and more robust by spring, ready to burst into a full bloom performance as temperatures rise. If you're planting without cover in zone 6 or colder, get them in the ground about a month before your last outdoor frost date for the best show. Flamenco, true to its fiery name, can handle the chill and even dips into freezing temperatures while young.

For the perfect cut flowers, plant your pansies close together (3-5"), and give them a bit of shade. Regularly remove young flowers to encourage upward growth and increase stem length. While pansies aren't known for towering heights, these will grow tall enough for beautiful low design work.

Pansies last well when cut, but achieving that perfect height might take a little finesse. For all the tips and tricks, check out our Pansy and Viola Growing Guide. Happy fall ordering! 

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