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Eucalyptus Restock & New Varieties

Eucalyptus Restock & New Varieties

Baby Blue Bouquet Eucalyptus

Direct from Down Under, everyone's favorite filler is back! Eucalyptus is restocked in eight varieties, including:

    • Baby Blue Bouquet (pictured above)  
    • Silver Dollar
    • Boxwood (E. Parvifola) 
    • Small Leaved Gum (E. Parvula)
    • Lemon Bush 
    • tetragona 'Tellerack'
    • Heart Leaf Mallee *NEW*
    • Baby Blue Spiral *NEW* (pictured below)

All eucalyptus ships between Weeks 20 and 28, since the plugs want warmth from the start. Mix and match with other 125 and 210 trays that ship Weeks 20 through 28. Take a peek at Bailey's Eucalyptus Growing Guide for tips on planting, harvest and post-harvest care. 

Baby Blue Spiral Eucalyptus

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