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From Buds to Flowers with Muckland Hops

From Buds to Flowers with Muckland Hops


Muckland Hops farmers Colleen and Orca Bates grow Lisianthus and Delphinium alongside cannabis in a Box4Grow, a closed environment growing facility installed in their barn. "My husband and I have been developing our hop farm since 2015," writes Colleen. "We expanded into growing cannabis indoors for my personal medical needs while experiencing breast cancer twice by age 38."

Colleen added specialty cut flowers to the cannabis grow box to maximize its space and electrical efficiency, as well as tend to her growing interest in design.

“This round of Lisianthus has been a dream to grow since procuring our first round of Farmer Bailey plugs in October 2022," writes Colleen. "We are also on our second flush of Delphinium, which are grown in a mixed light nursery with roses, heather, and more."

Cannabis fan leaves, pictured above, even add a fanciful filler to the occasional bouquet! Today, Colleen is cancer free and as enamored with flowers as she has always been with buds.

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