Farmer Bailey Inc. brokers the sale of young plants to growers in the lower 48 United States and Alaska. We work with expert horticulturalists throughout the US and Europe to deliver premium quality starter plants, and satisfaction with your healthy plants upon arrival is guaranteed. 

Farmer Bailey’s mission is to inspire greatness in growers of all sizes by providing superior starter plants, extraordinary customer service, and expert educational resources. 

Now in its eighth season, Farmer Bailey, Inc. is the evolution of farmer Bailey Hale's quest to bring industry-leading cut flower varieties to small and medium sized growers in the United States. 

"I couldn't understand why plug growers weren't quickly producing what is popular and trending right now. In the fall of 2015, I put together a group order for six Lisianthus varieties, and got an overwhelming response.  I see the trends coming to the US from Asia and Europe, I know what grows well here in the US, and I'm determined to get those items in the hands of the folks who need them while they are still relevant. Floral trends change rapidly and being able to respond quickly is key for the American flower farmer." 

Farmer Bailey is your growing partner, providing multimedia educational materials and ongoing support to all customers. Your success is our first priority! 

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