What You'll Receive

Each plug is approximately 3-4 inches tall from the bottom of the roots to the tip of the leaves. This may seem small but you will find that mums are fast and vigorous growers! Mums are easily propagated from cuttings, and you will get a lot more plants from your plugs if you pot them up and allow them to grow out a little more. We will include a care card and a link to our 'How To Take Mum Cuttings' video with every order.

When to Order

Supplies are limited, so order as soon as possible to ensure access to your desired varieties and Ship Dates.

Who Can Order

3 Porch Farm ships to all of the lower 48 states with the exception of California (sorry folks!)

 Ship Weeks & Week Numbers

Rooted mum cuttings will ship from 3 Porch Farm in Comer, GA via FedEx 2 Day Express during the following weeks. You will select your desired ship week before adding the items to your cart. Please note that orders for multiple ship weeks must be placed separately.
    • Week 16 (April 15th)
    • Week 18 (April 29th)
    • Week 20 (May 13th)
    • Week 22 (May 27th)*
    • Week 24 (June 10th)*
*If you live in a colder region, we recommend picking one of the two later dates.

Order Minimums

Plants are packed in sets of three per variety, and the minimum order is four "sets" (totaling 12 plants). Here's Steve O'Shea of 3 Porch Farm showing what a minimum order looks like. 


Order cancellations will be accepted up to 24 hours before your scheduled ship date. 





3 Porch Farm ships via FedEx 2 Day Express on your chosen ship week. You will receive an email notification from 3 Porch Farm when the shipping label has been printed, and an email notification with tracking information from Fedex when your package is in the mail.

Mums are packed with a biodegradable (and reusable!) ice pack to ensure the plants don't get too hot while in transit during warm weather. If your region is colder, we advise that you select a later ship date to avoid frost damage.  All packaging material from labels and boxes to the “plastic” sleeves the plants come in are compostable. Please get your mums out of the sleeves and potted up asap so that they can readjust to your climate after their stressful journey.

Shipping Rates

Freight charges are calculated based on the number of units ordered. A "Unit" is four orders of 3 sets of cuttings, or 12 plants total.
One Unit (12 plants) is the minimum order, which costs $21 to ship.  
Two Units (24 plants) costs $29 to ship. As you can see, the more plants that you order, the lower your shipping cost per plant becomes. The rates seen below apply to all orders.
Order Size Shipping
12 Cuttings $21
15-24 Cuttings $29
27-36 Cuttings $37
39-48 Cuttings $45
51-60 Cuttings $53
63+ Cuttings $63


Order Pickup

Local pickup is not available. All orders must be shipped.




Damaged Items

If your plants arrive in poor condition, please email 3porchfarm@gmail.com within 48 hours of receiving our order to file a claim. Be sure to include your order number, along with supporting photos. The team at 3 Porch Farm will work with you to find a solution. Not to worry- we will make it right!




Caring for Your Mums

  • Remove your plants from their box and packaging immediately so they can breathe. 
  • Plant them in your favorite potting soil, set them in a shady area and give them a good drink of water.  Allow them to recover from their stressful journey for a few days.
  • Protect them from extreme conditions like high temperatures and direct sun when you unpack them. They will need a few days to adjust back to direct sun.
  • Once adjusted, find a fertilized, sun filled spot to plant them. You can plant them in a sunny part of the garden or in tunnels for Fall flower production. 
  • Mums should be spaced 1 to 2 feet apart depending on the size of the plant when planting out. 
  • Plants can be cut back as late as early July to encourage bushier plants. We recommend cutting back multiple times to increase stem count.
  • Most varieties do get tall even after pinching so we highly recommend adding horticulture netting on top of the plants to help protect the stems from bending or breaking.
  • Protect plants from frost in the Fall as they are usually in full bloom during Frost conditions.
  • In order to overwinter these varieties, plants will need to be protected from deep freezes. We suggest digging them up and storing them in a pot in a greenhouse, garage, or other protected space. 



Mums are easily propagated from cuttings and you will get a lot more plants from these cuttings if you pot them up and allow them to grow out a little more. All orders will include a link to a video of Mandy from 3 Porch Farm explaining this process in detail and showing the best way to take these cuttings.