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    How to Transplant Plugs, on Instagram Live

    Plugs at Gro 'n Sell ready for shipping


    It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere with Farmer Bailey” returns on Wednesday, March 22 with a talk plus question and answer session on How to Transplant Plugs. Covered topics will include: 

    • What to do when your plugs arrive
    • Hardening off: why you should do it, and when you can skip it 
    • Watering newly transplanted plugs 
    • Why you should never put your plug trays on the ground 
    • When to thin double-sown seedlings 
    • How to file a claim for plugs damaged in transit 

    Join us at @farmerbaileyplugs Live on Instagram at Noon ET / 9am PT / 4pm GMT on March 22 to ask your growing questions, or leave us a question below in the Comments. 

    Not able to attend the Live session on Wednesday? A recording of the talk will be posted here on the Farmer Bailey blog. 

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