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WATCH: Farmers Market Success Webinar
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WATCH: Farmers Market Success Webinar



Farmers Markets can be a powerful sales channel for flower farmers, but are they right for you and your business?

Bailey Hale and expert guests Miranda Duschack and Mimo Davis of Urban Buds, and Shanti Rade of Whipstone Farm break down Farmers Markets for flower farmers in this honest panel talk, recorded with a live audience on Zoom on May 13, 2024.

Our panelists are all seasoned flower farmers with decades of experience selling bunches and bouquets through their local farmers markets. Learn how find the right market, what draws customers to your booth, how to beat the heat and keep flowers from wilting, and why you must make the market manager your best friend.

Viewer questions are answered in this 1 hour and 45 minute, wide-ranging talk. Stay tuned for an extra, bonus Q&A addressing even more viewer questions!

Great gratitude to our guests Shanti, Mimo and Miranda for sharing their experience and hard-won wisdom.  Follow them on Instagram @WhipstoneFarm and @UrbanBuds for more insight into how they make farmers markets work for them. 



00:00:50 Introduction
00:01:30 Ardelia Farm
00:02:30  Gross Sales
00:03:07 Panel Introduction
00:03:25 Agenda
00:04:00 Miranda Duschack
00:05:12 Urban Buds
00:05:40 St Louis Tower Farmers Market
00:06:08 Are Farmers Markets Right for Me? 
00:08:15 Community Connection
00:09:20 Rules in the Booth
00:10:30 Introverts
00:13:30 How to Remember Names
00:14:50 Find the Right Market for You
00:17:00 Nonprofit vs. For Profit Markets
00:19:00 Tax Laws
00:19:30 Finding Allies
00:24:10 Shanti Rade
00:24:20 Whipstone Farm
00:26:00 Low Barrier to Entry
00:27:30 Being Involved / Board of Directors
00:29:50 City Size
00:30:55 Stem Quality
00:31:00 Consistency
00:32:30 Personality
00:33:00 Product Knowledge
00:34:00 Stage of Harvest
00:34:30  Selling Closed Blooms
00:35:30 Florists vs. Market Customers
00:36:30 Mixed Bouquets
00:38:15 Pricing & Feedback
00:41:40 Display & Presentation
00:43:00 Your Role as Owner
00:44:00 Be Your Own Hype Person
00:44:30 Social Media Marketing
00:45:20 Email Marketing
00:46:00 Hospitality
00:47:55 Mimo Davis
00:49:00 Farmers Market Experience
00:49:30  How to Start Out
00:50:00 Knowing the Market
00:51:15 Marketing Yourself
00:51:49 Positioning
00:53:15 Market Manager Relationship
00:55:00 Promoting Your Stand
00:55:50 Price Points & Undercutting 
00:56:40 6-8" Happy Bouquet
00:57:15 Refresh & Restock
00:57:50  Full Display
00:58:40 Accommodations
01:01:00 Florists vs. Market
01:01:30 Year Round Markets
01:01:45 Creating Customer Habits
01:03:30 Customer Service First
01:05:00 Weddings
01:06:00 Customer Service is Everything
01:06:15 Self Presentation
01:07:00 Valuing Your Flowers
01:07:40 Owner in the Booth
01:09:00 Questions & Answers



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