Poppy Hummingbird
Poppy Hummingbird
Poppy Hummingbird

Farmer Bailey

Poppy Hummingbird

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These are the BIG Iceland poppies, bred by Biancheri in Italy and known by a number of trade names. Gro-n-Sell has been producing them in a mix for years, and thanks to your demand, they are now available in straight colors as well. 18-24" stems aren't uncommon. Pick when the bud is just starting to show color, and sear the ends for immediate use in arrangements. 

If you are picking and storing, pick at color crack, and simply store in a closed box in your cooler around 38 degrees. Hydrate by simply placing the stems in water, in the cooler, overnight. Don't re-cut, they can drink through the outside of the stems. On our farm we gather all week, store dry in a box, bunch and place in water on Friday afternoon, and they are opening by Saturday morning's market. Best grown in a tunnel to keep water off of the buds, but many succeed in the field as well. 

Have been know to overwinter in unheated tunnels as cold as zone 3, and in the field in most growing zones, provided soils do not remain wet.

Plant 9-12" apart.

Order 10 or more weeks in advance of desired ship date. Ships weeks 40 through 18 only.

$0.46 per plug grown in a 128 cell tray, billed as 125

Unavailable until Fall 2019