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How to Shop Ready to Ship
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How to Shop Ready to Ship

Ready to Ship are flash sales of plugs that are immediately available to ship to you. These flash sales most often occur on Fridays, after all custom-grown plug orders have shipped for the week. 
Ready to Ship are extra trays, grown as insurance in addition to custom-grown plug orders.  Inventory previews of Ready to Ship trays are not available. We encourage you to order all of your plugs well in advance.
Ready to Ship plug trays are Final Sale, and cannot be cancelled or changed.  
How To Shop Ready to Ship Plugs

1)  Log into your free account at and confirm that your email, shipping and billing addresses are correct.  

2)  On Friday, log in to your account and click the Ready to Ship Collection page just before Noon Eastern Time / 11am Central Time / 10am Mountain Time / 9am Pacific Time.  

Please note - Ready to Ship plugs may be listed later than Noon Eastern Time on Fridays. These are extra trays and we receive the list of availability at different times from the grower. If no trays are listed, please check back later.

3)  Fifteen minutes before the Ready to Ship sale begins, a Waiting Room page provided by CrowdHandler will go live on the Ready to Ship Collection page. 

4)  Once the countdown ends and the sale begins, everyone in the Waiting Room will randomly be assigned a position in the Queue. There is no advantage to arriving very early to the Waiting Room. Everyone who joins the Waiting Room after the sale has begun will join at the end the Queue. 

5)  If you allow your device to dim or go to sleep, use the back button, refresh / reload / or navigate away from the page, CrowdHandler will send you to the end of the queue. 

6) Choose your trays and check out within four minutes. Shopify does not offer a way to Hold a Product in Cart, and trays will vanish. Do not use your Back button to navigate the site, as this will send you back into the Waiting Room. Your order is complete when you have received a Confirmation Email from

As of April 18, 2024, all Ready To Ship orders are final sale and cannot be cancelled or changed. Please choose your trays with care.


2 comments on How to Shop Ready to Ship

  • Jules Bullars
    Jules BullarsMay 03, 2024

    This is a maddening process for me. I can’t seem to figure out how to navigate things to see the trays for sale “Ready to Ship”

    I’ve logged in, waited for my place in the countdown and still see nothing.

    What am I doing wrong?
    Farmer Bailey Inc. replied:
    Hi Jules, I am sorry for any frustration around Ready to Ship today. If no trays pop up in the Ready to Ship collections page, it means they are sold out / no trays are available. We began the sale today at Noon Eastern Time and it was sold out at 12:31pm ET. I apologize again for any inconvenience. ~felicia

  • Heather Bright
    Heather Bright May 03, 2024

    I am have trouble understanding this page. When it was my turn there were still 2 trays left but I could not see them. I could not get off the instructions page. Did I do something wrong or am I missing something.
    Farmer Bailey Inc. replied:
    Hi Heather, I’m sorry for any frustration around Ready to Ship today. If you could not select any trays, it is because they were sold out. The instruction page replaces the product page when all trays have been sold out. Sometimes there is a lag between a tray selling and us deleting it from the product page. I apologize again for any inconvenience today. ~felicia

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