Q. I just opened my box and some of the plugs popped out of their tray. Are they ok? 

A. Yes! Plugs can occasionally pop out of their tray in transit. Perhaps your FedEx/UPS delivery driver drove over a pothole or had a little extra pep in their step today. As long as the plug itself is not damaged, you can simply bump them into a larger tray (such as a 72) right away, give it a good drink, and it should be a-ok. If the plug is damaged and no longer viable (broken stems on stock or snaps, for example) follow the steps below for filing a claim. And if you're ever in doubt, please don't hesitate to contact us

Q. My plugs arrived damaged! What should I do now? 

A. Damage in transit is an unfortunate reality when shipping live baby plants, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and frustration. But fear not! We will work with you to make things right.
To file a claim, send an e-mail to claims@gro-n-sell.com with your order number, a description of the damage and any photos you may have, and they will move forward with filing a claim right away. It would also be helpful to include the colored sticker on your packing slip, as it corresponds with the employee who has packed the box. Based on their assessment of your claim, Gro 'n Sell may issue a refund, send a replacement, or a combination thereof. 
*Claims must be filed within 24 hours of receiving the box in order to be eligible for a refund/replacement.

Q. Why is an item missing from my order? 

A. As good as the growers at Gro 'n Sell are, even they occasionally have failures. If a tray of plugs isn't up to quality standards, it simply won't ship. Generally these issues present themselves early, but other times they are noticed at the time of shipping.
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If you receive a tray with missing cells or are missing an entire tray, our office has already been informed of this, and you will be issued a refund. In the very unlikely event that it has been a week since you're received your partial tray and have not yet been refunded, please contact us with your order number for quick resolution. 

Q. Why did I receive a notice from Gro 'n Sell that my item is no longer available? 

A. There is a chance that seed will become temporarily or permanently unavailable after you order an item. Rarely, a crop will fail to thrive in the greenhouse, and Gro 'n Sell will let you know that the ordered item is no longer available by sending you an updated Order Acknowledgment email indicating this change. If your chosen item is no longer available, never fear! Either our office or Gro 'n Sell will be reaching out to you directly to find a solution. 

Q. What are my options?

A. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we do our very best to find the best solution for you, be that a substitution, a refund, or a combination thereof.
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