Missing Items?

As good as the growers at Gro 'n Sell are, even they occasionally have failures. It's rare, but it happens. If a tray isn't up to our quality standards, it simply won't ship. Sometimes these issues present themselves early, and other times they are noticed at the time of shipping. Gro 'n Sell sends out acknowledgment emails any time there is a change to your order. If you see this, let us know sooner than later so we can discuss your options. 

Fill out this form below with your order number and preferred solution. We will then evaluate the situation and let you know your options. 

What are my options?

If your order has not shipped, there's a chance we can find an acceptable substitute for your missing cells or trays. As every tray is grown to order, there isn't always extra inventory. During busy times of year, we do try to keep a handful of backup trays on hand so we aren't shipping partial boxes. The sooner we catch this, the more options we have, so let us know!

If your order has already shipped, we can refund you for the missing cells or trays immediately. Again let us know in the event that we are not already aware of the situation. 

If you receive a tray with missing cells, also let us know. Every tray includes a couple of free cells, but if you are missing more than a few, then we are happy to refund you for the cost of these items.