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Available Now: Craspedia & Pycnanthemum

Available Now: Craspedia & Pycnanthemum


Today's Available Now offering, which will post at Noon ET/ 11am CT / 9am PT, features ready-to-ship trays of brand-new Craspedia and Pycnanthemum (aka Mountain Mint!) We have been trying to get both of these crops in your hands for years now. These 50 cell half trays will ship on approximately Monday, July 17th.

Before you buy, READ

Craspedia is a tender perennial. It can take a light frost, but not a freeze. This is being provided for growers with heated greenhouses or who live in frost free zones. They don't mind a cold winter, but you should be confident in your abilities to keep things from freezing before you buy this (rather expensive) crop.

Pycnanthemum (mountain mint) is a hardy perennial. I don't have specific zone data, but it survived zone 3 winters in Vermont, so it will likely be hardy for most of the US. It may want a cool winter so warm winter growers, please do a little research before buying. 


More Information

Craspedia Paintball series is one of my favorite products from Danziger (the Scoop Scabiosa folks). Their Craspedia is much larger and more vigorous than seed grown strains. It is a real jerk to produce so we haven't been able to offer it very often in the past. We just attempted a trial using new techniques, and it worked! So we have it to ship to those of you in warmer winter zones (did you read above???)

Pop has a medium-large sized head, produced in abundance. This one hits the sweet spot between large head size and productivity. This is probably the most profitable one for your farm.

Poppy has a smaller, but oblong head- Very much egg shaped, and unexpected. This are very fun for Easter, but are usable all season long.

Jumbo makes really big flower heads, but not as many of them as Pop. If you have a premium retail market you can probably charge a couple/few dollars a stem for these. 

Read more about Craspedia and some recommendations of a grower with first hand experience here. They will produce early in the spring from overwintered plants and will keep producing all summer and fall. Yes, they are pricy to start with but they can pay for themselves with the first harvest.

We are hoping to offer these again for spring 2024

Pycnanthemum (Mountain Mint)

Mountain Mint is a native US wildflower that happens to be an excellent cut foliage!

P. muticum is the more commonly grown one for its greyish foliage and flower bracts. It has small flowers, but its foliage/filler qualities are the best traits of this plant. 
P. virginianum is less commonly grown but should be considered. It can get 2-3 feet tall, and has a greener appearance with more prominent flowers. 

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