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Western farmers! Our expanded catalog from Plug Connection is now at your fingertips. Their sunny California location ensures toned plugs in all four seasons, and unbeatable shipping rates for growers west of the Mississippi.

Classic cool season annuals like Campanula, Digitalis, and Poppies are back, plus thrilling new additions of Scabiosa Scoop, Skyler Veronica and Dianthus Electron. A curated collection of Pansies for cutting and Champagne Bubbles Poppies in new colors are now available for fall shipping. 

Skyler Veronica

One of our favorite cut-and-come again (and again) perennials. Cut them back to the ground at harvest for continuous rebloom.

The Skyler series does not need a cold winter period, unlike other Veronica longifolia cultivars. It will flower the first year from planting. In its second and third years, many more stems emerge as the plant spreads.

Skyler is fully winter hardy and an excellent candidate for autumn planting. Fall shipping will occur in weeks 40, 42, and 44. Spring shipping dates will be posted on October 1.

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Scabiosa Scoop

These stars of late spring are especially successful when overwintered in mild locations. They will withstand a light frost, but not heavy freezing. Establishing over winter for spring bloom will yield massive flowers in spring. The best part is they keep blooming until extreme heat slows them down for summer.

New Scabiosa Bon Bon Scoop ‘Sweetness’ has emerged as a designer favorite this year, and we’re predicting big things for Scabiosa Scoop ‘Banana’ in 2025. Don’t slip and miss the opportunity to wow your customers with this striking bloom.

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Champagne Bubbles

Champagne Bubbles is the most productive Iceland Poppy on the market. They will keep blooming all winter and spring until extreme heat shuts them down.

Previously only offered as a Mix, Champagne Bubbles are now available in straight colors for ease of harvest.

Have been know to overwinter in unheated tunnels as cold as zone 3, and in the field in most growing zones, provided soils do not remain wet.

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We have sifted through the thousands of Pansy options out there to curate a collection of the best colors on the market. They laugh at cold weather and when crowded they will eventually produce stems tall enough for cutting.

Plant them in the fall in a tunnel in many zones, and they will be larger and more robust by spring, ready to burst into a full bloom performance as temperatures rise.

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Dianthus Sweet William

Introducing the true biennial Dianthus Sweet William! Plant it this autumn for a stunning spring show.

Electron is the classic Sweet William, blooming in a full spectrum of colors—some solid, some with a striking white eye or margin.

In zones 3-9 Dianthus tends to perennialize, but warmer climates may see different behavior.

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Anemone Gemstone

Introducing Gemstone, the new series of cutting Anemones from Sakata (the creators of Lisianthus Voyage series). These aren’t your usual tuber-grown Anemones. They aren’t cheap, but there's a reason. Seed-grown and expensive to start, they take their time to grow. But, they come with perks. These plug Anemones are already actively growing when they arrive, no need to "wake them up" from dormancy. Perfect for hitting early season markets!

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