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    Lavender for Cutting and Pot Plants
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    Lavender for Cutting and Pot Plants

    Lavender in the field


    Thirteen varieties of perennial lavender are now in stock for shipping Week 22 (May 29) through Week 24 (June 12). Lavender demands good drainage and likes to bake in the sun like other Mediterranean herbs. Hardiness will vary by variety. 

    Taller varieties add a fragrant touch to summer bouquets, while shorter plants are ideal to sell as potted herbs at market. Take a peek at the chart below to see which lavender best suits your needs. Lavender plugs are sold in 50-cell "half" trays; you can mix and match half (50) and full sized (125 and 210) trays for a minimum order of 3 full trays per box.  Have questions? Email us anytime at 

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     Lavender Variety Expected Height Color 
    Blue Spear (aka English Lavender) 11-13" Royal purple
    Blue Torch 16-34" Violet blue
    Ellagance Purple 10-12" Deep purple
    Forever Blue 14-24" Deep blue 
    Goodwin Creek 12-24"  Dark purple 
    Grosso 12-36" White to Violet
    Hidcote Blue
    Dark lavender blue 
    Munstead 12-16"  Bright lavender-blue 
    Phenomenal 24-30" Blue 
    Platinum Blonde 16-23" Soft blue
    Provence 23-29" Light mauve purple
    Sensational 18-30" Purple
    Vicenza Blue 10-12" Deep lavender blue

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