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Meet Felicia, your Director of Customer Experience

Meet Felicia, your Director of Customer Experience



Happy Friday, flower friends! Felicia D'Ambrosio here, coming at you in first-person form to introduce myself. I cover Outreach & Education in my role as  Director of Customer Experience for Farmer Bailey. 

Connecting with our customers by providing support and learning materials is my primary focus. Think of the Farmer Bailey team as your friends with experience in flower farming, floral design, sales and entrepreneurship. We are here to help you. Use us! 

Day-to-day, I edit and update our Growing Guides; write blog posts, website copy, email newsletters and internal documents; and manage Farmer Bailey's Instagram. As part of a rapidly growing small business, I am always learning new skills (like video editing!) and new technology (come to our live Zoom webinars!) that make every day interesting.

Reading and replying to our customers' emails every day keeps me grounded in how to best serve you, so thanks to everyone who reaches out.

Though Farmer Bailey does not have a Facebook page, catch me in the Flower Farmers Facebook group keeping my finger on the plug pulse. I love answering your questions via Instagram DM and replying to blog and YouTube comments; keep 'em coming! 

Being a part of this team is my dream come true, especially since I have been lucky enough to call Bailey and Thomas friends for many years. We share a background in the hospitality biz, a taste for pink wine with bubbles, and have all called Philadelphia home. 

Pried away from my laptop and phone, you'll see me dancing wildly at concerts, taking long walks nowhere in particular, or examining every single article in a vintage store. My favorite places to be are the farmers market, submerged in the sea, or lost in a really good novel. I have passionate opinions about sandwiches.

Please do drop a line with your questions, product requests, ideas for future  Zoom webinars, or book recommendations. 

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