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Meet Jocelyn, Your Technical Specialist

Meet Jocelyn, Your Technical Specialist


Hi, my name is Jocelyn and I run Plentiful Commerce, a Shopify development studio for purpose-driven ecommerce businesses. We are a small, international team of three. I grew up outside of Washington D.C. and I now live in Bavaria, Germany. I’ve been working with Farmer Bailey for almost 3 years as their go-to Shopify developer. Some features you may have seen around the site are the box visualizer on the top right corner, and the new site look from a theme migration. Also if you’ve ever been blocked from checking out because you need to add your VT tax form, you know who to blame (wink).

I’m a software engineer by training but I’ve always had an entrepreneurial streak growing up. When I was having difficulty finding work during the pandemic, I decided to take a leap of faith and go all-in to freelancing and building my business to what it is today. I’ve met some amazing clients in many different industries along the way. I'm very grateful that it worked out and I’m still able to help business owners every day improve their Shopify stores. 

Outside of work, I like being outdoors in the Bavarian countryside. My hobbies include hiking, rock climbing and trying to catch up with the Tour de France skill level of all the German bikers. I also love traveling and I had the opportunity in May to meet Thomas and Bailey for the first time  on Madeira island! Finally, I’m a huge foodie and I love exploring the different restaurants and cuisines in my city. 

At Plentiful Commerce, we are your go-to Shopify source whether you’re an established ecommerce veteran or a new business owner. Our goal is to optimize your frontend and backend to streamline your day-to-day processes, reduce customer questions and increase revenue. We also like to educate our clients along the way so whether we have a long partnership or not, our clients walk away with a better understanding of the Shopify platform. 

Some of our services include creating brand new Shopify stores; platform migration to Shopify; theme customization; site optimization, automation, and maintenance; SEO and ADA audit implementation, and more. 

We’ve had the chance to work with some really great brands in a variety of industries. Apart from Farmer Bailey, they include P.F. Flyers (shoes), ChaCha Matcha, Finishers Depot (industrial wood finishing), (furniture), TRUWOMEN (protein bars) and 360Cookware. For more details about our projects please check out our portfolio.

If you’ve made it to the end and are interested in working with us, head over to our contact page to get started. If you mention you came from the Farmer Bailey blog you can get 10% off our site audit package. 

Join the Plentiful Commerce newsletter for bi-monthly emails full of useful technical information you need to know to improve your Shopify store and get more sales. We’re always adding new resources, follow us on social media at LinkedInInstagram; Facebook; and Pinterest.

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