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Grow Your Business with Premium Peonies
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Grow Your Business with Premium Peonies

 Paeonia 'Dinner Plate'.  Photo credit: Kolster Plants & Flowers

Still in stock are 8 extremely special peony varieties, hand-selected from our growers in the Netherlands. Some of these varieties come with a more expensive price tag, but for good reason! Whereas many common peonies were bred as garden varieties, most of these peonies are specialty cut-flower cultivars, selectively bred for vigor, quantity of stems, vase life, shape and color.

Having these varieties in your field will set you apart from other farmers growing basic, big box store varieties. Florists will be asking for as many of these rare stems as you can deliver–and you can charge a premium for the incredible blooms!

Our premium peony stock ranges in color from Elsa Sass, the purest of white, to Paul M. Wild, a rich ruby-red. Mother's Choice is the most breathtaking shade of champagne blush a gold medal winner, and one of our favourites. This late-blooming variety is sure to fetch top dollar for wedding and design work.

Most of these peonies have won a Gold Medal award from the American Peony Society for their unique traits that set them apart. We would be remiss if we did not give peony Dinner Plate a shout-out; living up to her name with flowers up to to a whopping 10 inches in diameter–the largest on the market. Perfectly formed, soft pink flowers with hints of salmon and the scent of a rose - everyone needs this variety in their field! Pick them while you still can. 

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