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Scoop Contest Winner: Petal Pink Flowers
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Scoop Contest Winner: Petal Pink Flowers


Congrats to our #farmerbaileyscoopcontest winner Heather Cain of @petalpinkflowers. Heather's graceful Scoop and Hydrangea-scape won her a free tray of Scoop Scabiosa, a favorite filler flower of designers and farmers world-wide.

Hear more from Heather herself, below.

“Hi, I’m Heather, and together with my family I run Petal Pink Flower Farm in Eugene, OR. I’ve been farming flowers for five years and love all the wonderful people and relationships this adventure has brought into my life. My goal as a farmer is to bring beautiful, unique product to my florist customers and flower lovers in our community. This summer both my teenage sons have been working on the farm, so it truly feels like a family operation around here. We brought Scoop Scabiosa into the growing mix this spring and WOW, our customers love them as much as we do! Looking forward to growing lots more next year!


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