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Scoop Contest Winner: The Blooming Backyard

Scoop Contest Winner: The Blooming Backyard


Congratulations to Samantha Sheppard of @TheBloomingBackyard!  Her Barbie-pink bouquet featuring Scoop Scabiosa won the hearts of the judges in the #farmerbaileyscoopcontest

Samantha is one of ten Scoop Contest winners, whose captivating entries are featured all this week on the Farmer Bailey Blog and Instagram

"About The Blooming Backyard: I grow cut flowers in Williamsburg, Ohio, and am in my 3rd year with it as a “side hustle”. I grew up on a farm and have a degree in agriculture. The Scoop Scabiosa have been a huge success this year, and have saved me as far as filler flowers go. I won’t ever be without them!"

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