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Vernalized Perennial Plugs are Shipping... Like This

Vernalized Perennial Plugs are Shipping... Like This

Liatis arriving in its dormant state, very much alive despite brown foliage.


“My Week 12 Perennial order arrived, and they look dead!" 

Don’t panic! Our "Big Burly" perennials arrive in a dormant state, having been stored at near-freezing temperatures for months. These perennial plants require a cold vernalization period in order to bloom. The appearance of brown, dead, or entirely missing foliage is completely normal.

Upon receiving your "Big Burly" Perennial order, unpack and water if dry. Gro 'n Sell tries to ship on the dry side to save freight and minimize rot on leafy items. The best treatment is to let them break dormancy at your natural season outdoors. If new growth has started, keep above 32° F. Some perennials lose all top growth when dormant and/or are late to break dormancy. Sometimes plants such as Asclepias, Hibiscus or Ceratostigma seem dead, but be patient.

If there are questions concerning quantity or quality, email with photos to file a claim. 

These large, vernalized perennials take up to 18 months to grow, and will be restocked on or around October 3, 2023 for Spring 2024 shipping.  

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