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WATCH: Takin' Care of Business for Flower Farmers

WATCH: Takin' Care of Business for Flower Farmers

In this honest conversation, expert flower farmer Bailey Hale shares farming business tips and advice for new and seasoned growers alike. Veteran farmers share the one thing they wish they knew when they started out, and viewer questions are answered.

In this one-hour chat with viewer Q&A: 

  • Learn why starting with soil testing and market research will save you thousands of dollars and a river of tears
  • How to clearly identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Determine the scale of your business, before buying a single plug, seed or bulb
  • Hear from veteran flower farmers on the best investments for your business (hint: Don't even try to start selling flowers without a cooler)
  • How to find an great accountant in your area who understands farm business
  • Why The Organic Farmer's Business Handbook is essential reading 

Share your top tip, farming hack, or the one thing you wish you knew when you started out in the Comments, below.

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