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Cultivating Winter with Helleborus Gold Collection
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Cultivating Winter with Helleborus Gold Collection

When it comes to using Hellebores as a cut flower, locally grown is always best. Though Hellebores were once considered unsuitable for cutting, our understanding of post-harvest handling has dramatically improved over time. Properly hydrated and sliced up the stem to aid water uptake, locally sourced Hellebores treated with quick dip can now last up to two weeks out of the cooler! Local hellebores look better and last longer in the vase than imported and shipped cuts.

German breeder Heuger is the creator of Helleborus Gold Collection, the finest collection of Hellebores on the market.  Bred specifically for use as a cut flower, Gold Collection plants are have an upright habit and are selected for upward- and outward-facing flowers that are much more useful to designers than older 'Orientalis' varieties with their "nodding" blooms. Their winter show brings color and life to the darker times of the year. 

The colorful parts of the Hellebore are its hardened sepals, which surround a ring of tiny petals modified into tubular nectaries, and many stamens. Depending on the variety, Hellebores can bloom from November through late winter into early spring. Cut this hardy, dual purpose perennial for blooms and its attractive, long-lasting foliage. 

Though older varieties can take up to four years to yield stems suitable for cutting, Helleborus Gold Collection are extremely vigorous and will flower in their second year.  If you order now for Spring 2024 shipping, you will have stems to cut in 2025. Happy in part shade, hardy and low-maintenance, Hellebores will last for decades if they like the place they are planted. Gold Collection plants quickly form productive clumps, and can grow up to 2 feet tall. 

Farmer Bailey is currently offering three different series from the Helleborus Gold Collection: Winter Ballet Collection, Ice N' Roses, and Ice N' Roses Marble Series


Winter Ballet Collection will bloom earlier than the Ice n' Roses series when grown in mild locations. They can easily flower in November or December. Of course if you have very cold or long winters, they will wait until the spring thaw to produce their flowers. Consider growing them in a tunnel for an earlier harvest. This series is a bit shorter than Ice n' Roses, but they still 15" or taller.  Winter Ballet 'Lulu' is pictured above. 


Ice N' Roses is extra robust and vigorous and thrives well anywhere in the garden, with a very long flowering period from December until well into spring. It continuously produces new buds that are carried on sturdy stems. Ice 'N Roses Rosado, a picotee variety, is pictured above. 


Ice N' Roses Marble Series  are the Ice N' Roses Hellebores you love, now with marbled foliage! Give them a year to get established, and then you can start harvesting 2 crops from the same plant! Flowers in winter and spring, and foliage in autumn and winter. Proceed with caution as you harvest foliage. Obviously, they need their leaves to build up strength for next year. That said, once the plants are established it is probably safe to harvest even 30% of their foliage late in the season. This is a new concept so we value your feedback. The foliage lasts very well when cut.   

Consult the Farmer Bailey Hellebore Growing Guide for more cultural information on this versatile perennial.  Curious to find out more? Email us at



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