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Why Buy Plugs?

Why Buy Plugs?


Lisianthus Roseanne in Light Brown, Green, and Black Pearl


Are plugs an expensive shortcut or an important input for a successful flower farm? Can you really grow everything you plant from seed, or are there crops best left to the experts? Our hope is to help you to consider the true cost of growing your own seedlings and to learn the value of starting with plugs.  

1. Plugs save valuable propagation space for easy-to-grow crops.

2. Plugs give you back your time! Go on vacation in the winter instead of babysitting needy seedlings.

3. Plugs arrive super healthy and ready to plant out in your field, high tunnel or greenhouse.

4. Plugs are economical. You can get 200 ground-ready plants for $40-$75.

5. Plugs support crop uniformity. Plugs arrive at the same stage of development, resulting in more salable stems.

6. Plugs are grown from disease-free, true-to-type stock.

7. Plugs save on labor if you don't have winter help.

8. Plugs keep you on track with succession planting. Order them when you need them to arrive and let young plant experts handle the hard part.

9. Some crops are not available from seed or from any other source.

10. Seed starting for many crops requires conditions that are difficult or impossible to create at home indoors under lights.

11. Plugs help you successfully grow and harvest flowers while you learn the art of seed starting for yourself.

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