Common Name Acanthus, Bear's Breeches 
Genus  Acanthus 
Species hybrid 
Family Acanthaceae
Life Cycle  Perennial 
Tray Size  32
Plug Care Harden off and plant out or bump up soon after receiving plugs. When planting out be sure you to not bury the crowns. Plant the plugs so that the top of the growing medium is level with the soil.
Netting / Staking Not necessary. 
Temperature Range Hardiness zones 7-10
Spacing 36"
Soil Preference Tolerant of most soils, but prefers it deep, fertile, moist and well-drained. Has moderate irrigation needs - allow to dry out somewhat between waterings but not completely. 
Day Length Long-day plant. Plant in full shade to partial shade. 
Pinching Do not pinch. 
When to Plant Plant plugs in spring or anytime through to the end of summer to give the plants a long establishment period before winter conditions set in. 
Harvesting Flower stocks add a very unique structural element to bouquets or floral creations. Harvest when the bottom flowers of the inflorescence are open and remaining buds will continue to open in the vase. 
Post Harvest Care Expect a vase life of 1-2 weeks. The use of a floral preservative will help maximize vase life. 
Diseases / Insects Watch for aphids, whiteflies, snails, slugs and spider mites which can all affect this variety. Powdery mildew, fungal and bacterial leaf spots can be an issue during periods of prolonged wetness/where this is little airflow. 
Bailey's Notes This variety really makes a statement in the landscape or in the cutting garden. It's hard to find perennials suitable for cutting that thrive in shady conditions, but this certainly fits the bill. 
Resources Growing Acanthus