Common Name Annual Phlox , Drummond's Phlox 
Genus  Phlox 
Species P. drummondii
Family Polemoniaceae
Life Cycle  Tender Annual 
Tray Size  210
Plug Care Do not allow plugs to dry out completely or become rootbound - plant soon after arrival or bump up into larger containers. If there are any buds or flowers upon arrival pinch them off. 
Netting / Staking Beneficial to have 1-2 layers of netting for support. The  stems can get stuck in the netting during harvesting but  it helps keep stems straight and upright, otherwise the plants have more of a sprawling habit. 
Temperature Range Frost sensitive annual - will only grow during the warmer months in most zones. Prefers cool summers and struggles in intense heat, drought, and wind. 
Spacing 6-9" 
Soil Preference Loose, fertile, well draining soil with a neutral pH. Incorporate a balanced granular fertilizer at time of planting and water with liquid nutrition regularly through the growth period. 
Day Length Facultative long day. Plant in full sun. 
Pinching Plants will branch naturally, but pinch off any flowers on short stems to encourage longer branching. 
When to Plant Plant in early spring, around the time of last frost. Protect young plants if the forecast calls for frost. Succession sow for continuous blooms all season. 
Harvesting Expect the first flowers approximately 8-10 weeks after  transplanting, however this varies according to weather and temperature. The first flowers will be borne on short stems - regular pinching and pruning will encourage  longer stems later in the season. Do not allow plants to  set seed or they will shut down. Harvest a stem when  approximately half the flowers are already open - the remaining buds will continue to open in the vase. 
Post Harvest Care Place cut stems immediately into cool water. Vase life is rather short at 5-7 days but these flowers add much  whimsy and character to floral designs and are valuable  for events. 
Diseases / Insects Prolonged periods of wet foliage and wet soil can cause  onset of foliar and root disease. Good airflow and well  draining soil are essential for success, especially in warm and humid climates. Common insect pests include thrips and aphids.  
Bailey's Notes We carry the more sought after colors of annual phlox  including cherry caramel, crème brulee and blushing  bride. These colors work well in wedding florals. They are notoriously difficult to start from seed, so we are  very happy to have them available as plugs. 

North Carolina Extension Gardener Phlox drummondii

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