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Common Name Campanula (aka Canterbury Bells, Coventry Bells, Cup and Saucer)
Genus  Campanula 
Species medium
Life Cycle 
Biennial, treated as hardy annual.
Tray Size  210
Plug Care
Transplant within 1 week of arrival or bump up into a 50 or 72 cell tray if immediate transplanting is not possible.
Netting / Staking 1 layer of support netting.
Temperature Range 25-75F
Spacing 6"
Soil Preference Well drained, generally fertile. 
Day Length Obligate long day.
Not recommended, but if smaller stems are preferred, pinch out the initial bloom spike to encourage branches to develop.
When to Plant
Plant in the cool and short days of the year.
Cut when the first flower starts to open on the stem. The remaining buds will open in the vase.
Post Harvest Care Holding solution.
Diseases / Insects None in particular. 
Bailey's Notes
Champion Campanula is a biennial by nature, but has been bred to behave like an annual. It will flower any time days are 12 hours long or longer, which is why you MUST plant them in during the shorter days of the year. This allows them to establish their roots and leaf structure before trying to flower. If you plant them out under long day conditions, they will flower immediately on short stems. For best results plant after Week 40 in the fall, or before Week 10 in the spring. This may require a tunnel in northern climates.

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North Carolina State Extension: Campanula Medium

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