Common Name Celosia 
Genus  Celosia
Species C. argentea, C. cristata, C. spicata 
Family Amaranthaceae
Life Cycle  Annual 
Tray Size  210
Plug Care Plant plugs soon after receiving them to avoid exposing  them to any stress conditions. If rootbound or stressed, celosia plugs can flower prematurely. 
Netting / Staking Recommended, 1-2 layers of support. 
Temperature Range Never below 50F - prefer it hot. 
Spacing Single stemmed varieties such as Neo can be planted densely, at 10" or less. 24" is best for the crested, wheat and plume varieties especially when pinched, to give the side branches space to develop. 
Soil Preference Well drained, fertile soil ideally amended with compost   nd granular fertilizer. Not finicky with pH but prefers 6.0-6.5. Water with a diluted balanced fertilizer every other week - nitrogen is key during the early stages of development. 
Day Length Quantitative short day plant. Will flower prematurely if not given at least 14 hours of light while the plant is in the vegetative phase.  

Do *not* pinch Celosia Neo, as it is a single stemmed  variety.

*Do* pinch Chief, Kurume, Celway and Sunday for multiple smaller stems. 

When to Plant Plant in spring, when there is no threat of frost and the  soil has warmed. They prefer warm soil and will stall out  or flower prematurely if the soil is too cold. 
Harvesting Expect the first flowers to bloom 90-115 days from  transplant. This varies depending on cultivar and whether they have been pinched or not. Harvest when blooms are fully formed as they do not continue to  develop after cutting. 
Post Harvest Care Place cut stems immediately into cool water. Expect a vase life of 1-2 weeks. 
Diseases / Insects Most common pests are aphids and thrips, but generally quite robust and problem free. Long periods of humidity and moisture on the leaves can cause onset of disease. Avoid overhead watering and overcrowding of plants to increase air circulation.  
Bailey's Notes

Single stemmed varieties (Neo) are best planted in  multiple successions for continuous blooms all season. Pinched, branching varieties will provide a longer blooming window.  

As noted in the soil preference section, celosia are heavy feeders and failure to provide adequate nutrition will cause a decrease in vigor and chlorosis (yellowing) of the leaves. 


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