Common Name Crocosmia, Montbretia, Coppertips 
Genus  Crocosmia 
Species hybrid 
Family Iridaceae
Life Cycle  Perennial 
Tray Size  32
Plug Care Harden off and plant out or bump up into larger pots soon after receiving plugs. When planting out be sure you to not bury the crowns. Plant the plugs so that the top of the growing medium is level with the soil.
Netting / Staking Not necessary, one layer of netting might keep tall stems from flopping in windy areas. 
Temperature Range Hardiness Zones 7-9 (may be hardy in zones 5-6)
Spacing 30" - will grow into large clumps after a couple seasons.
Soil Preference Average, well drained soil. Keep evenly moist - drought conditions can cause edge burn and early dormancy. Amend with some compost or pelleted fertilizer prior to planting. 
Day Length Long-day plants. Plant in full sun. 
Pinching Do not pinch. 
When to Plant Plant in the spring after the threat of frost has passed. Can be planted into the summer months - don't plant too close to winter as they need some time to establish before the onset of winter weather. 
Harvesting Cut when the first 3-4 flowers on the inflorescence have opened and the additional buds will open in the vase, extending the vase life. 
Post Harvest Care Cut stems should immediately be placed into cool water. Expect a vase life of about a week - the use of a floral preservative will help maximize vase life. 
Diseases / Insects No major diseases to note - watch for rust which may be possible on the foliage. Can be affected by thrips or spider mites. 
Bailey's Notes NOVA Gold Dragon is an exciting new cultivar developed by Terra Nova. This large and impressive crocosmia creates a dramatic statement. It's full and upright habit provides a ton of cutting material - each flower is like a shining gold star. NOVA Gold Dragon is long lived, and forms multiple crowns quickly. 
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