Godetia Grace 'Shell Pink,' grown and photographed by our customer Fields of Grace Flower Farm. 


Common Name Godetia, Clarkia, Satin flower, Farewell to Spring 
Genus  Clarkia
Species C. amoena
Family Onagraceae
Life Cycle  hardy annual 
Tray Size  125
Plug Care Harden off and plant out plugs soon after receiving - do not keep in plug trays longer than 1-2 weeks as they will become rootbound and flower prematurely. Godetia plugs are sensitive and do not like root disturbances, so when planting, be gentle on the roots and do not pull too hard on the stem or you may cause damage. 
Netting / Staking 2 layers of netting recommended. 
Temperature Range In the plug stage Godetia can handle temperatures down to 32F for short periods but should be protected from heavy frosts. They perform best during long, cool springs and will shut down in extreme heat. Ideal night temperature is 45-50F and day temperature is 50-55. 
Spacing Greenhouse single stem 4x4", Greenhouse pinched 4x6", outdoor pinched 10x10" - pinch one week after transplanting. 
Soil Preference Soil must be well drained (sandy) and low in organic matter/nutrients.  
Day Length Obligate long day plant - needs days of at least 14 hours to flower. 
Pinching Yes, once soon after planting plugs to encourage branching. 
When to Plant

In hot zones, plant in the fall and overwinter in a tunnel or outside if the temperature rarely drops below freezing. In cold areas, plant in early spring, a month or so before last frost. 

Without cover they would probably overwinter fine in zones 8 and warmer, using Agribon if the temperature is going to drop below freezing for an extended time. Anywhere colder than that and you would want a tunnel for successful fall planting.


Harvest when 3-6 flowers are open, but make sure there are still unopened buds on the stem. Individual flowers only last about 5 days, but buds will continue to open. Increased bud count is key to a long vase life. 

In an ideal situation, you can harvest individual stems if they're long enough. If only the main stem is long enough, you must sacrifice some of the side branches. Godetia can be pinched when young, so you should get multiple stems of the same size instead of one big stem with smaller side branches.

Post Harvest Care

Use clean tap water with no holding solution. Too much sucrose in the water causes leaf yellowing and petal necrosis. Can store in the cooler (in water) at 34-36F. Godetia are sensitive to ethylene gas. 

Godetia can last a week+ in the cooler, but do some experimenting to see what works for your specific conditions.

Diseases / Insects Godetia are sensitive to fusarium in the soil and can succumb to fusarium wilt. Botrytis, pythium and rhizoctonia can all be issues as well, especially during long wet periods. 
Bailey's Notes "Grace" - the variety we carry in our shop is the premier cutting strain from Sakata. 
Resources Sakata Culture Sheet