Common Name Strawflower 
Genus  Xerochrysum
Species X. bracteatum 
Family Asteraceae
Life Cycle  Tender Annual 
Tray Size  210 
Plug Care Helichrysum are fast growing and should be bumped up  into larger cells or planted out as soon after receiving the plugs as possible to avoid them becoming rootbound. 
Netting / Staking Not absolutely necessary but 1-2 layers of support can be helpful especially in a windy area. 
Temperature Range Slightly frost hardy - plant in the spring around the time of last frost. They can handle cooler temperatures at the time of transplant but shouldn't experience direct frost. They thrive in the heat of summer (They are native to Australia) and will survive the first frost or two in the fall. 
Spacing 10-12"
Soil Preference Free draining, poor to fertile soil - very tolerant of soil  conditions. Will grow best in soil lightly amended with  compost. 
Day Length Facultative short day. Plant in full sun. 
Pinching One pinch is recommended when the plants are approximately 12" tall. Pinch down to 3 or 4 sets of leaves to promote side branching. 
When to Plant In spring, around the time of last frost. Protect from late  frosts. 
Harvesting Expect the first flowers 75-85 days after planting the plugs. Harvest when the first 2-3 rows of petals have unfurled but before the center disk is showing - they will continue to open after harvest. 
Post Harvest Care Place cut stems immediately into cool water. Stems that  were cut immaturely will often not hydrate and will be found wilted within a few hours. Expect a vase life of approximately one week. 
Diseases / Insects Strawflower are very hardy plants are rarely succumb to  disease or insect pressure. They can be susceptible to root problems and powdery mildew if kept too wet.  
Bailey's Notes

Water well as transplants until the roots get established. As mature plants they can tolerate dry conditions fairly  well. Keep plants deadheaded to promote continuous  flowering all season. 

Strawflowers are perfect for drying. Simply hang upside  down in a dry, ventilated area and they will dry out fully within a couple weeks. Flowers harvested for drying can  be picked slightly more immature to prevent the buds from fully blasting open during the drying process. 


North Carolina Extension Gardener Xerochrysum bracteatum

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