Common Name Heuchera, Coral Bells, Alum Root 
Genus  Heuchera 
Species hybrid 
Family Saxifragaceae
Life Cycle  Perennial 
Tray Size  32
Plug Care Harden off and plant out or bump up to a larger pot soon after receiving plugs. When planting out be sure you to not bury the crowns. Plant the plugs so that the top of the growing medium is level with the soil. 
Netting / Staking Not necessary. 
Temperature Range Hardiness zones 4-9
Spacing 18-24" larger varieties need more space, but closer spacing might encourage longer petioles (leaf stem). 
Soil Preference Well draining soil of moderate fertility. Heuchera need even moisture but do not like to be kept wet. Heucherella can handle a little more moisture. 
Day Length Plant in part sun, part shade. Lighter colored varieties (silver, pale green, yellow) need more shade, darker colored varieties (purple, black, deep red or green) can handle more sun and in fact color up better with some direct sun exposure. 
Pinching Not necessary. 
When to Plant Plant anytime from last frost through to late summer to give the young plants enough time to establish before the onset of winter weather. 
Harvesting Although the flowers have potential to be good cuts, most Heuchera are grown for their unique foliage. Harvest leaves when they have reached full size and have hardened up/matured. They will feel a little more leathery compared to newly unfurled leaves. For the longest petiole length, snap the leaf off directly from the crown of the plant. 
Post Harvest Care Cut leaves should immediately be placed into cool water. Leaves can last a very long time in the vase - a couple weeks is not unheard of. They will sometimes root in the water but are blind cuttings as they will not grow into a plant. 
Diseases / Insects Because the foliage is the most desirable part of these plants, watch for slugs, snails and earwigs which will chew unsightly holes in the leaves. 
Bailey's Notes

Heucherellas are a hybrid between two closely related genera - Heuchera and Tiarella. Heucherellas require very similar care to heuchera so we did not write up a separate growing guide. One of the main differences is that Heucherella can tolerate more shade and moisture than Heuchera (traits that come from Tiarella  - a true woodland plant). 

All Terra Nova products are patented varieties and cannot be propagated. They are propagated via tissue culture, so the plants that you receive are identical clones to the stock plants. 

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