Common Name Leucanthemum, Shasta Daisey 
Genus  Leucanthemum
Species x superbum 
Family Asteraceae
Life Cycle  Perennial 
Tray Size  32
Plug Care Harden off and plant out or bump up into larger pots soon after receiving plugs. When planting out be sure you to not bury the crowns. Plant the plugs so that the top of the growing medium is level with the soil.
Netting / Staking Not necessary. 
Temperature Range Hardiness zones 5-9
Spacing 18"
Soil Preference Average quality soil - amend with some compost and pelleted fertilizer in spring for best results. Water regularly, well draining soil is essential. 
Day Length Facultative long-day plants. Plant in full sun. 
Pinching Do not pinch. 
When to Plant Plant in spring after last frost for blooms the first year. Plant anytime through the summer and plants will establish in year one and flower in year two. 
Harvesting Harvest flowers when they are most of the way open for longest vase life. If you harvest or deadhead all flowers you may get a repeat flush of blooms although it wont be quite as impressive as the first. 
Post Harvest Care Cut stems should immediately be plunged into lukewarm water and left somewhere cool and out of direct light for conditioning. Expect a vase life of about a week - a floral preservative will help maximize the vase length. 
Diseases / Insects Aphids, thrips and slugs are all possible pests. No major disease risks to note. Soggy soils can lead to root rot. 
Bailey's Notes When you think of Shasta daises you likely picture the old timey flowers growing in your grandmothers garden. We are proud to offer some new and exciting cultivars through Terra Nova that feature interesting textures and creamy colors. All of these cultivars are propagated via tissue culture and are patented and can not be legally propagated at home. 
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