Common Name Penstemon, Beardtongues
Genus  Penstemon
Species hybrid 
Family Scrophulariaceae
Life Cycle  Perennial 
Tray Size  32
Plug Care Harden off and plant out or bump up into larger pots soon after receiving plugs. 
Netting / Staking Not necessary. 
Temperature Range Hardiness Zones 6-9 (likely hardy in zone 5)
Spacing 16-18"
Soil Preference Average fertility, moist but well draining soil is essential. Allow the soil to dry moderately between waterings. The addition of compost and pelleted fertilizer is recommended pre-planting, or regular liquid fertilizer applications through the growing season. 
Day Length Day-neutral plants, plant in full sun. 
Pinching Do not pinch. 
When to Plant Plant in the spring after all threat of frost has passed. Can be planted through the season into late summer/early fall. Plants need some time to establish a root system before the onset of winter weather. 
Harvesting Harvest stems when 1/3 of the flowers are open - additional buds will open in the vase. 
Post Harvest Care Cut stems should immediately be placed into cool water. Expect a vase life of approximately one week. The use of a floral preservative will help maximize vase life. 
Diseases / Insects Watch for the typical plant pests such as aphids - penstemon are generally pest and disease free. If planted in an area with poor drainage or if mulched too heavily, crown rot can occur. 
Bailey's Notes Keep flowers cut or deadheaded to prolong the bloom window. Penstemon typically have a flowering window of a month, but the new and improved hybrids from Terra Nova reportedly bloom continuously from early summer through to frost! 
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